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@chescaleigh made it to the #celebratemybeauty event tonight! #naturalhair #naturallycurly #locs #curlyhair (at 404 NYC)

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#NaturallyCurly World!! Meet the NEWEST member of our team - AMANDA!!! She is our junior content editor and will help us crank out more #naturalhair #curlyhair content. 🙏🙏🙏 Welcome to the family, Amanda!! 😘😘😘

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CurlyNikki needs MORE SUBMISSIONS for her Naturally Glam feature!

Just email us at cristina@naturallycurly.com with the subject line Naturally Glam and let’s get those curls, coils, and waves featured!! 

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The LOC Method may just change your LIFE! 

We’re so used to moisturizing then sealing with an oil, but what if we told you that some people seal their hair BEFORE adding a styling product? Learn more about the LOC method here > http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/home/loc-method-the-routine-every-curly-should-know

How did the first curly hair website get started? To celebrate our 15 years on the Internet, NaturallyCurly.com co-founder Michelle Breyer narrates the story of this amazing curl community. 

We loved Annaliese from ANTM British Invasion! She posted a Curlformers tutorial and it looks so easy we may have to bust out our curlformers and give it a whirl…

(via Easy Natural Hair Updo Tutorial | Video

What if curly hair was MAINSTREAM? We asked our comic Tall N Curly to illustrated the perfect curly hair planet… CAN WE MOVE THERE?!?!?

Read the rest of our illustration here > Life On My Curly Planet

New on NaturallyCurly.com | 6 Reason Your Hair Won’t Grow

This is one of the MOST frequently asked questions we get here at NaturallyCurly.com. Click the link above to read more about why your curls, coils, and waves don’t seem to grow.

1. Genetics

2. Hair Shedding

3. Age/Stress

4. Hair Breakage (creates the illusion that your hair isn’t growing)

5. Misuse/Overuse of heat styling tools

6. Diet

But remember: on average, hair grows 1/4-1/2 inch per month, so just be patient. 

Attention curly girls! I think we’ve found the perfect frizz-free vacation getaway. Pack your bags, ladies — there’s no humidity where we’re headed. 

 an artist! Leave the credit alone | Comic Illustrated by Tall N Curly for NaturallyCurly.com 

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Add extra virgin olive oil to your favorite conditioner for a huge conditioning boost! Click here for the recipe details + video tutorial » #CURLYMIXOLOGY